Be The Teacher They NEVER Forget

Be inspired, encouraged, and equipped to enter the classroom each day with the mindset and tools to be uNforgettable. 

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“A teacher’s influence is one that never truly ends. It is an ever present force that helps build character, strength, and wisdom for years to come.”


Every teacher wants to be someone a student remembers for a lifetime. We all strive to have an impact that reaches far beyond the classroom walls. With expectations that pile up and requirements that weigh us down, it can be tough. 

If only there were a ROADMAP to guide us on our journey...

In uNforgettable, there are 10 destinations that are designed to help guide and inspire you to be the teacher they never forget! 

Discover the

10 Destinations

in uNforgettable












So much more than a book...

uNforgettable is perfect for schools and teachers to use as an interactive experience for professional development as well as personal inspiration. Check out just a few of the BONUSES that come included with the book: 

  • 12 BONUS Videos to start each chapter that provide additional insight and help prepare your mindset.
  • A FREE online interactive BONUS guide filled with reflection questions to be used with each chapter.
  • The online guide will allow Teachers to email or print their notes directly from their device for Professional Development Credit.

Take a look at the sample video introduction for Chapter One to give you a small glimpse into the book.

What if our students left school every day energized and excited to come back the next day?



What if our impact went far beyond the classroom walls and changed the lives of those we teach for years to come?

The uNseries Vision

It is our hope to reimagine teaching through every book that is released. Each author is a thought leader and difference maker in education, and we are so excited to bring their genius to each book in the uNseries. Through this series, we will provide tangible strategies and practical insight that you will be able to implement right away. Our vision is to encourage, inspire, and empower teachers to be unforgettable, and to create a community of educators who can change the world. We hope to make you feel welcomed into our community and offer you a place to call home with every book in the series. Together #WeTeachuN.

We believe that every teacher has the opportunity to be someone's uNforgettable. Each book in the uNseries will be part of a crucial 'toolbox' to help inspire and equip you with strategies you need to take action right away. Our goal is to change the world together, one student at a time.


Curious? Browse to the FAQs below to see the answers

How is the uNseries different?

The entire premise behind the uNseries is to Re-Imagine Teaching. The greatest teachers in the world are uN. They are uNconventional, uNbreakable, and they love uNconditionally. Each book in the series will have tools that can be used for  professional development as well as personal inspiration.  The goal of this series to provide teachers with books that will inspire, encourage, and equip them to be uNforgettable. 


Why should I read uNforgettable?

With so many amazing choices of books today available to Teachers, choosing one to read can be tough. Every teacher wants to be the teacher that students never forget. We want to make an impact that goes beyond the classroom walls, and change the lives of those we teach. uNforgettable is designed to provide a pathway for teachers to help develop or fine tune the intangible qualities that students will always remember. It delves deeper into the relational side of teaching and offers actionable steps to help infuse it as a compliment to what we do each day. This is a book written by a teacher for teachers with the single goal of encouraging, inspiring, and equipping fellow world changers to be the best they can be for their students and for themselves.

How many books are in the works right now?

Currently there are THREE books coming out soon, with more to come! The first book is called:

uNforgettable: Your Roadmap to Being the Teacher They Never Forget.

The next two book titles and authors will be revealed soon 🙂

Who are the authors?

The authors names will be released under the hashtag: #WeTeachuN

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How can I use the books in this series for Professional Development specifically?

The online interactive guide is the key. As you read the books, you will be able to reflect on each chapter by using the guided questions found in the online guide. You will have the ability to print the guide pages if you like, but there is no need to. Some benefits of the online guide:

  • Once you have completed a chapter guide you can simply email the finished questions to your principal or supervisor for PD credit.
  • You can print the finished reflection to keep for your notes as well.
  • Easily accessed through any device, so reflection can be done on the go or anywhere you are while reading.
  • No need to purchase an additional guide at an extra cost. The goal is to give you what you need in the best way possible.

Schools can use this in groups as a book study, personal development for teachers, or even to provide positive motivation to start or re-energize the school year. Since it is packaged together so nicely, it will work as a perfect opportunity for professional growth.



Chuck Poole is a veteran teacher and has made it his mission to inspire and encourage teachers all over the world to be the best they can be. He is the visionary behind Teachonomy.com, and the host of the Teachonomy Talks podcast. Chuck is the producer of Times 10 Books’ newest collection, the uNseries, and the author of  uNforgettable: Your Roadmap to Being the Teacher They Never Forget, the first book in the series. Chuck lives in New Jersey with his wife and enjoys mentoring, creating laughter in the classroom, and the continued pursuit of his next adventure.

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