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uNforgettable: Your Roadmap to Being the Teacher they NEVER Forget

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Journey through the book with the author, Chuck Poole, as your guide. Each chapter has a video intro that walks you through what to expect and sets the stage for deeper learning.

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Take action with this weekly printable PDF which helps you put what you have learned into practice right away!


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Accessible on any device, the reflection guides will allow you to internalize the concepts you learn throughout the book.

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Join the FREE 10 week intensive and get EVERYTHING you need to maximize your reading experience for yourself or your book club. Each week you will receive an email with the materials, guides, and links you will need to focus on that week's concept or goal.

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Each week you will receive an email with ALL YOU NEED to implement and take action on what you read.

10 Hours of PD Credit upon completion

At the end of the intensive you will receive a certifcate of completion worth 10 HOURS of Professional Development credit.

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Meet The Author

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Chuck Poole

Author of uNforgettable

This book is geared to set you up to be inspired by providing a full FREE professional development program to help you succeed!

Learn how to nourish the four key relationships every teacher shares. You will be given the strategies and inspiration needed to build the foundational relationships with your students, your colleagues, your content, and yourself that you need leave an uNforgettable impact. 

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